Thursday, January 7, 2010

Having Fun with Facebook

I know I'm not the only person who does this. But before I begin, I have to set some rules:

1) Facebook isn't serious
2) You are silly if you think it is (which has some deep paradoxical twist, I am sure)
3) The best jokes are those that only you think are funny (although it boosts self esteem if someone laughs with you, not at you)

(Below: Why I like Facebook)
Combining these three rules may explain alot about my outlook on Facebook, and by obvious extension, life. Most people use facebook to share and reconnect with friends, procrastinate, or moan about something political/partisan/nobody else in their right mind would have time for if they weren't procrastinating. In short, facebook is life.

On the first part, I would like to point out that if you need an online forum to reconnect with someone, it probably wasn't worth it in the first place. Unless she was a hotty who you never had a chance with in highschool, possibly due to the fact she's a shiksa and you're a nebbisha nerd. That's commendable. You notice through her relationship status that she just broke up with that jock-hole highschool sweetheart, and you are there as a shoulder to lean on, to swoop in on easy prey. That's not quite as commendable, but atleast you're using online social networking to your advantage.

I think it's my inherently bizzare, twisted personality that causes me to use facebook as a means to entertain myself. Not in a cruel way, just in a bizzare, twisted way. I literally 'lol' when I comment on people's pictures who I don't know but pretend to. This works also when I comment on someone's constant and bland status with a total nonsequitar. Most of the time people ignore me, but I always immediately imagine their reactions to my comments on their life. There is an obvious initial surprise, which quickly disolves into utter confusion. They shake their heads, imagine I must be washed up, loony, or a little bit of both. They write me off, and justify this as a reason for why we no longer make small talk about politics and procrastinating.

And I don't feel guilty for never talking to them. Charles: 2 Charles' Mother: 315


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