Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Movie Review: Cop Out w. Bruce Willis

What happened to you Bruce Willis? You used to be so cool. I remember you in Pulp Fiction, where you killed a man with your flying fists of fury, then took on Marcel Wallace. Who by the way, is not a bitch. Then you put on one of the greatest actions thrillers of all times. Die Hard: With a Vengence.

Whoever did the casting for that movie knew what they were doing. Why not have Bruce Willis be a cop, playing alongside notorious bad ass mutha Samuel L. Jackson? It's another black/white cop movie, but with two huge superstars and outrageous personalities. Amazing.

Sadly, Bruce Willis has fallen far. My theory is that he became good friends with Samuel L. As Sammy decided his acting was worth as far as a script (Snakes on a Plane) could be thrown, so too did Bruce Willis.

In 'Cop Out', Bruce cops out and recreates another black/white cop movie. His sidekick? Tracy Morgan. From SNL.

Atleast we now have John Travolta blowing stuff up with all his baldness.


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  1. well at least he was in the new Gorillaz video:
    so even if he's doing some bad stuff right now (btw die hard III wasn't that great), this performance is "stylo".