Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Have you always wanted a Jewish grandfather? Well here's your chance, without the awkward family reunion parties!

My brother showed me a website the other day that I had heard about but forgotten, since my procrastinating skills are Bush League compared to his. Jews and hipsters of all ages will be in for a treat.

The website has a simple, and genius premise. You take several old Jewish men and women, with their extensive Yiddish skills and mysterious European (or Brooklun) accent that many older Jews have. You unleash them to do what Jews have been doing for centuries(and something I attempt poorly): Telling jokes.

Here is one of many delightful jokes:

I swear, it's like the 1950s Catskills are a part of my living room. Which is convenient, because I would never want to be surrounded by that many Jews. Or be around in the '50s.


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