Friday, January 15, 2010

Pen Pal with a 6 Year Old

My mother calls me up the other day. I thought she was going to tell me she sent some coupons to me in the mail. She does this every couple of weeks. I used to think she sent them just to me, but on vacation I learned my brother in Philly also gets them. All that time I had deluded myself into thinking my mamma loved me the most. It's tough competing for a Jewish mother's love.

Anyway, she calls to tell me that she is sending me a children's book in the mail. She watches a neighbor's children in the morning, and although I have only met the kid a couple times, the 6 year old boy wanted me to read a book of his that he liked.

My mother set me up with a 6 year old pen pal. Yeah it's a little sad. But I haven't had any pen pals since the third grade. I love computers but I miss how special hand written letters are. And yeah, the kid's handwriting will be better than my own. And his vocabulary and sentence structures are probably more vast and complex.

But I have always wanted to join a book club. I'll finish this book in one sitting on the toilet and feel good about myself.


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