Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 2 - Wild Ponies, Southern Sass, and Christmas Lightshow on the Boardwalk

The night ended with my mother coming out of tonight's bathroom with a huge smile. "Guys, um...the bathroom light doesn't work again." Ari and I both look at eachother, not in the uncomfortably loving way that we usually do. Needless to say, the 'fan light' worked, but not the normal light. I digress.

The morning began with a cup of good mediocre coffee at the world's smallest dining area. I knew it was going to be a good mediocre day.

First we went to that national park where there are wild horses. I use the term 'wild' loosely, because they passively came right upto my mother's window, obviously looking for some type of handout. In response, my mom yelped and put the window up, afraid that the horse "might bite something, even her". All I could think of was a book I had to read for 6th grade English, about these two wild horses who had thoughts and emotions and lived the life of a free spirit.

(Picture of me in triumph for climbing some shit-small dune after previously-said horses)

Next point of interest, some woman in the grocery line in Virginia starting pitying my mamma. Nobody pities my mamma but me. My mother who knows her way around a grocery store ran to get an item she had forgotten. Big whoop. The woman behind us in line, with her disarming accent nicely scolds my brother and I for not running around looking for some taco meat stuff. Point goes to the South.
North: 3 South: 1 (we already had 3 - Abolition, Civil Rights, and much-less incest...har har har)

Our continued conquering of the mid-south winded down as we celebrated Christmas in style, without the need of plastic-handle vodka (yet!). We went on a Christmas-light boardwalk drive by Virginia Beach. Although none of the pictures came out well, the highlight is this: 1) They gave us a CD for the short drive that had music, and which also triumphed a) Santa in lights stuck in a chimney, b) riding his sleigh to give out presents to children, and c) flying an airplane. I chose not to question that. 2) Lots of mermaids/crabs 3) a Jurrasic Park light section.

After the lights, I finally realized why I missed having an Xmas as a child. Dinosaurs.

(Lights were like this but less awesome)

Somewhere in northern North Carolina. Until Tomorrow,

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