Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 5 - Screaming Like Little Girls

Sometimes I wonder how 'the others' do it. While walking around Universal I listened to sublime, subconscious-entering Christmas tunes for 8 hours. That was more than enough for me, but the masses certainly enjoyed it. Hell, who am I kidding. I'm just jealous. Jews don't have any good holiday music (See: Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel).

There were two parts which were most memorable. The first was when we all went on The Simpsons ride. You know those times when you think your parents are really cool? From about ages 4-12?

Well I know my parents are really old. My mom is 59, my dad is 60. The ride was nothing more than a few seats that move while you stare at a huge screen, where you pretend to be moving. Throughout then minute and a half experience, all I could hear, over fits of laughter, was my mother screaming softly like a little girl.

The second part was seeing The Blues Brothers sing Christmas songs. Okay, it wasn't actually them. And it showed. The Blues Brothers were terrible, as mediocre singers and harmonica players. You figure if you did this gig for a while, you'd learn to throw down a decent blues riff. Not once did they mention that they were on a mission from God. No Sympathy from me. But their Bluesmobile was really sweet.

Somewhere south of Orlando. Also, 85 degrees. Ka-ching!



  1. your brother is cool. i have that shirt.

    i did MGM/Disney Hollywood Studio over new years once. we saw the Bacon brothers. you are jealous.

  2. Hey, Guess whose cool? I like the photo of the Blues Bros car with the random hot chick better

  3. that girl looks like she is maybe 12. maybe.

    gross. your coolness factor just went down.

  4. HEY she looks at least like a fake 18 year old

  5. i don't even know how to respond anymore.