Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 7 - Prof Sugs sighting down in the Jewish Motherland

(Picture: Gnarly Jewish Wizard from UVM)
I did a few things today, but the one thing of uttermost ridiculousness is that I ran into the rediculous Professor Sugarman at my family friend's Temple. Yes, it turns out Sugs goes to Miami during winter and he goes to that specific synagogue to pray. And we had a delightful conversation. The Jewish world is that unnecessarily small, especially when most of us are trying to escape a northern X-mas with a southern, warm, temperate X-mas.

I also went with the fam to Hooters, where they had a little alcohol while I felt like a marginal child for being under 21. Also just being in Hooters with them was a little weird. It reminded of the semi-rant my mom went on a few days ago about women's boob size not mattering for getting married....Yeah, I didn't quite understand it/blocked most of it from memory to save my fragile mind.

Then we went to South Beach. Gay people found? 2. Me and my brother. You failed me again, Miami.

Miami, a tepid 75 degrees.


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