Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 8 - Fishing JuJu out with a few Bruins

(Above: Three old Jewish men cooling off in the shade)
Today may have been the best day of the vacation. It began by visiting my 88 (I thought he was 85 - how naive of me) year old grandfather, JuJu (pronounced Jew-Joosh, mainly because my oldest brother, as I put this mildly, was a little 'tad as a child.)

He shrunk a few inches, which seems to be the norm on my mother's side, although he is incredibly old and still in good shape physically and mentally. So while I will go bald and may shrink to 5'2, I'll live to 90 and manage to piss the hell out of everyone for nearly a decade. All is not lost.

Anyhow, after going on a paddleboat ride with my brother, my mom, and my 9 year old cousin, I settled down to do something as American as gay-bashing (Not that I condone gay-bashing, merely mentioning we homophobic Americans do it alot). My brother, myself, and my mom all went fishing by my grandpas house. I somehow managed to catch 2 fish, and I became a little more of a man, because being a vegetarian does not make me a man. Then I let them go back in the pond.

The day ended with a trip to see the Bruins beat the Florida Panthers 2-1. Some Panther fans were unhappy with us yelling. Whatever, their team sucks.

(Left: Me, finally proving my worth in the world by catching world's smallest fish)

Last night in Miami, 75 again.



  1. most children, when talking to or about their grandparents, call their grandparents whatever nickname the grandparents or the child's parents choose. for instance, a father will refer to his mother as 'nana' in front of the toddler, and eventually the child will know its grandmother as 'nana.'

    now, when a child comes along and has the initiative, independence, wisdom, and leadership skills to actually give a grandparent a nickname of the child's own choosing, i would have to say that this child is the complete opposite of "a little 'tad."