Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 4 - A Family of Jerks

So my brother said I should talk about me being a jerk. But I quickly realized that it was a boring and redundant subject. To be fair, today was fairly uneventful. Took a detour to Savanah, went to another beach. No good pictures today.

Anyhow, a friend today asked me how I could survive a trip with my family in a car for so long, when she couldn't survive an hour drive with her parents.

For a while, I drew a blank. And for a while I mean an hour of reading and then a 30 minute nap. And then, it hit me. The only way I can explain it is with this little allegory:

My dad was being his usual facetious self to my mom. In response, she used her colloquial Rhode Island English and called him "retarded, but even that's not enough".
I responded. "So are you saying that he's super retarded?"
My mom laughed.

And finally, I think this whole light 'saga' has come to a conclusion:
Mom: These bathroom lights are weird....there are no lights over here....and when you turn this one on theres a fan.
Dad: Try this light over here.
Mom: Ta da! (light goes on)

Also, if you actually read this post, please tell me. I'm curious to see who, if anyone, is reading this.

Dayonta Beach, Florida



  1. i'm reading. and i dont think you adequately answered your friends question. 3 years of intense psychoanalysis and group therapy that hasnt even happened yet cant be squeezed into one blog posting.