Sunday, January 17, 2010

Be a Lazy Douche and Change the World

Haiti is in trouble. There is no doubt about it in anyone's mind, even Rush Limbaugh's. There are many people who are donating in conventional ways, and many in modern ways. This god damn economy wont keep charitable people away. Some are texting to a number and pay for a donation on their phone bill.

I totally understand. People are inherently lazy - it happens to the best of us (See: Any Nick Cage movie). And this just makes it easier to give to charity. I'm all for it.

What I don't understand is why our generation is lazy to the point of being irresponsibly so. How many facebook pages have you seen saying "For every (number of people) I will donate (a certain sum of money)

Are we so lazy that we'll just join these groups and shift the blame to someone else? If they happened to be lying about donating money it is all their fault. We did our job. What happened to a guilty conscience to keep us in check? And then you wonder why young people are getting tattoos, like that Jewish girl Sarah Silverman. She used to be such a nice girl.

If you care about helping Haitians, don't put up some two-bit facebook status. Get off your ass, get on your phone, and text to the charity of your choice. Or borrow a friend's phone and let them in for a surprise. It's still charity even if it's not your money.  And it's convenient.


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