Monday, January 18, 2010

Tegan and Sara: A very hip thing for me to do

So tonight on a last minute whim I'll be driving nearly 2 hours to Montreal to see Tegan & Sara. As hip as people and myself believe I am, I haven't listened to too much of their music. Which has it's benefits: none of their songs are stale. And when this happens I usually get more interested in the said musician afterwords. I also like helping friends whose plans get stiffed, in this particular case by a woman.

My friend made the claim that this couldn't be much more of a man date. 2 dudes going to a hip/indie-semi-lesbian concert. The Alanis Morissette of our time, but less angry and cliche.

I'm also attempting to escape my mixed feelings of returning to school, classes, and many responsibilities. Snowy, calm Burlington was relaxing when the city and campus were emptied of loud, rambunctious UVMers.

Hopefully I'll have an interesting story tonight (if?) when I return.
(Below: What it would look like if Ted and I were Tegan and Sara getting a publicity photo taken in Brooklyn.)


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