Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoons, I miss the 90s

Growing up quite Jewish, my Saturday mornings were spent in Temple. 2 to 3 hours of mumbling, singing, and nice clothes, culminating with a small snack (Kiddush) every week. Pretty good life, huh?

On top of this, my parents didn't believe in cable. How could you believe in God but not in cable? I guess God was cheaper. Either way, I missed out on a huge social experience of my young, yet-to-be-shaped mind.

There is hope! I went the first 7 months of this school year without cable. It saved me money. It made me focus on school and life. I got out of the house. But alas, I eventually relented. However there's no guilt on my mind, a rarity.

It seems that some marketing geniuses have taken over ABC Kids. Saturday mornings, from 12-1, the original Power Ranger Series plays. Who wakes at 12 noon on a Saturday, too hungover to do anything besides watch mediocre early 1990s cartoons? 20-something year olds who grew up wanting to be Zach but not wanting to BE Zach (Thanks Dave Chappelle). And who wanted to do Kimberly.

If Kimberly was a president she'd be Babe-Raham Lincoln. Keep up the good mediocrity, ABC.


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