Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'll American Your Apparel

So I did it the other day. I never thought I would gain the courage to do it. The grande cajones, if you will. It took me two years but I finally bought a $42 hoodie from American Apparel.

$42 for anything is expensive in my book. Clothing, music tix, hookers. I'm not saying I'm cheap, but there's no need to take a cheap cultural shot here.

(Above: What I envision myself to look like when I catch a glimpse of myself in the window)

I've made a few neurotic self-defensive thoughts in the past 12 hours. It feels warm. It has a nice color. It looks good on me. It goes well with my hipster wardrobe and array of sports jackets.

Yet in the end, I knew I had to give into American Apparel. It's just too hip, unisex, and middle-class for me to deny myself. And everyone knows there is nothing more American than the Middle Class.


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  1. You should make a Shehechiyanu. Not even I have shopped at American Apparel.